Poker. Point to the Straight

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Smart Training, Sharp Tools

Why was created to offer both you, the poker player out there, and yours truly a quick & complete reference in order to revisit and smarten up your / my game.


  • fast evolution, by taking shortcuts on the way to unconscious competence;
  • be as concise as possible;
  • wide area of information sources (with priority on value), but
  • well-organised, get your information in 1-3 clicks.


You can find here:

  • a clear, structured and hopefully non-bloated reference;
  • a compilation of poker (mainly Texas Hold'em NL) strategy and knowledge:
    • “common knowledge”;
    • integrated information from all the good poker books and online articles out there;
  • hold'em statistical & probabilistic results obtained with help of good tools created here for you or available on the web;
  • advice and suggestions on registering with some of the best online poker rooms.


This work is still in progress, and will always more than one step away from complete, so be sure to re-visit or drop me a line if you think something is missing.

Some of the information is applicable to any form of poker, but generally the site is oriented on No Limit Texas Hold'em.